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Seminar Proceedings


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IT Innovations and Security Issues


  1. A survey paper on Mobile Cloud Computing Architecture, Challenges and Security Threats By K Divya Rao and Madhuri Soni
  2. Big Data Analytics And Its Application In E-Commerce By Uday Kumar Gupta, Bhavesh Sharma And Manjushree Nayak
  3. BIGDATA WITH R AND HADOOP By Mrs Manjushree Nayak
  4. Biometric Identification Using Body Odour By Jaiprakash Bodele
  5. Digital Literacy Initiatives of India By Hemlata Patel
  6. Fuzzified Artificial Intelligent air conditioner for cost effective electricity consumption by Vipul Mandhani
  7. Green Computing with Single Board Computer Technology By Keshav Kumar Sinha
  8. Review on ICT and Digital Literacy initiatives in perspective of Chhattisgarh Rural Areas By Sukriti Shah
  9. Review Paper on Applied Technology in Military Defense System By Monisha Mishra
  10. Role of Segmentation Technique in Digital Image Processing By Abinash Kumar Singh
  11. Sustainable Computing and System Development Life Cycle By Mamta Santosh Nair
  12. Text Mining Techniques A Comprehensive Review By Lalima Choudhary


Emerging Trends of IT and Applied Sciences